Monti Rognosa

These suggestive findings mountain can be reached by road from Anghiari to bridge the Piera, in the province of Arezzo. The reserve covers the Poggio Pian della Croce and accounts for the tourist nature of an interesting ideal for spring and summer trips, characterized by persistent number of rocks on which it was developed a considerable vegetation that characterizes the landscape, giving it a desolate and wild aspect.

This beautiful reserve offers tourists many opportunities to explore the territory plunged into the undisputed nature of Tuscany, with a botanical and wildlife unprecedented: sparse shrubs, aromatic, thorny woods mixed cerro hornbeam and black. There are many species of birds like the robin, the chaffinch and other typical species of conifer forests such as late payments and the Cincia fiorrancino, while in the valley are very common prey significant as the goshawk and Biancone.

It is not uncommon for tourists encounter in mammals as toporagni and Arvicola. If you have decided to spend your holidays in the area of Arezzo, the Monti Rognosa represent excellent opportunities for outdoor excursions, also suitable for tourists with children with you. We recommend before inform us at a Centers Visit the protected, to request more information about the area and book a guided tour.

Recommended naturalistic routes for tourists

  • Route 1 - From Anghiari is necessary to take the SP 45 for the bridge and Piera, after about 4 km, turn left Bagnolo location. At the dam on the river Sovara opened a route that allows reach the top of Poggio Pian della Croce and along the northern side, the building up of Conventino. From Conventino, crossing the creek Sovara, you can return to the SP 45.
  • Route 2 - Always be Anghiari, taking the road to Caprese Michelangelo can be reached Motina the location from which you can access the paths Within the contiguous reserve. The paths nature made recently with signs documenting the geological evolution, the history of human activities and characteristics of vegetation.