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From Monterchi in San Sepolcro

Monterchi, panorama Arriving in the small town of Monterchi The visitor is immersed in the harsh landscape of this small medieval town. Just outside the old walls in a former elementary school converted into a museum, you can admire the fresco of the Madonna of childbirth, a great fresco by Piero della Francesca, the only representation of the Renaissance Madonna with child. The museum has several panels that explain the various steps tourist restoration of the masterpiece.

We recommend a short Among stop all'Osteria Pacific, a step required for almost all gourmets: they are meats, cheeses and wines of great quality.
A few kilometers from Monterchi it comes to Anghiari, a small village characterized by its medieval architecture in stone and brick, that shaped nut, enclose the Palazzo Comunale and the entire old town, including shops and inns. Do not miss a visit absolutely the Museum of the Battle of Anghiari, fought on 29 June 1440 between Florence and Milan which made Anghiari famous throughout Italy. Inside the museum are kept some preparatory sketches of the great fresco that Leonardo painted in the early'500 be allocated to Palazzo della Signoria in Florence.

After visiting the small town, set out on a long Violone it comes to the nearby San Sepolcro Birthplace of Piero della Francesca, where you can admire some of his finest masterpieces: the Polittico of Mercy and the Resurrection.
Strolling through the streets of the center you are immersed in a unique and pleasing, with colonnades, arcades, buildings and churches fifteenth of the fourteenth century. In via Garibaldi is the beautiful church of San Lorenzo.
At the Museo Civico di San Sepolcro are the masterpieces of Piero della Francesca.

Hiking around Monterchi and San Sepolcro

Useful Addresses

Museo Civico di San Sepolcro
Via N. Added 65, San Sepolcro (AR)
Phone: 0575 732 218

Museum Madonna del Parto
Via Regla 1 Monterchi (AR)
Phone: 0575 707 13

Michelangelo museum
Via Capital 1, Caprese Michelangelo
Phone: 0575 793 776

Apt San Sepolcro
Via Matteotti 8, San Tomb (AR)
Phone: 0575 740 536