statua a Loro Ciuffenna

The Setteponti

We propose a route for tourists in art, culture and traditions of these beautiful towns along the ancient Cassia Vetus, a route that linked Arezzo and Fiesole on the left bank dell'Arno.

The route starts from SP1, the "Setteponti" to Ponte Buriano and then continue to Castiglion Fibocchi, an ancient village built as a castle to defend the road that led from Pratomagno in Casentino . Just outside the walls, left on the tourist can admire the ancient church of S. Mary in pieces, in which it retained a beautiful fresco depicting the Annunciation, Arezzo school dating back to the fourteenth century.

Continuing along the road to Ciufenna They recommend tourists for a halt to the small town of Gropina to admire one of the oldest buildings of the Diocese of Arezzo: the Church of St. Peter, dating from the twelfth century. Inside story stands out a lectern with a bas animals and human figures, well that lies in the structure of the church, divided into three naves with columns and capitals.

Going on the road reaches They Ciufenna, an ancient medieval village of Etruscan origin, as the name suggests. Entered the historic center of the country, deserves a visit the church of S. Mary Assunta, with an inside interesting triptych by Lorenzo di Bicci. To see the Museum "Venture Venturi." Also near They Ciufenna, tourists can venture through the woods and hills, following a path of Pratomagno natural alternative to visit the villages of Poggio di Rocca They Ricciarda and to enjoy a beautiful view of all the wonders of the