Prevention of one-stop shop SUP

This is a project of the Tuscany region aimed at a number of branches information on the performance and activities of the Department of Prevention. All these services aervono to facilitate the performance of the obligations to which the citizen must undergo if you need a relationship with the activities handled by the Department of Prevention.

Door lives and reach you through these four forms of communication

  • Direct Access: The user has the option of visiting the premises of the Department of Prevention where he opened a door of front-office manned by staff ready to meet the various demands. Currently there are branches of the zone and Arezzo Valtiberina area.
  • Telephone Access: schedules, times, ways etc., can be obtained by calling the toll free number of their respective areas of belonging.
  • Access e-mail: For any request for information, documentation, but also to raise questions of nature you can write at the counter of competence and receive answers from personnel.
  • Internet access: The site of the USL 8 of Arezzo are at the moment of information General information and access to services.

Telephone Access

Aretina area: 800 655 623

Casentino area: 800 898 935

Valdarno area: 800 654 482

Valtiberina area: 800 050 128

Valdichiana area: 800 455 952

Hospital in Arezzo and Care Centers