Cortona by night

Holidays in Valdichiana

The Valdichiana, a large natural amphitheater enclosed in the mountains of Siena and Lake Trasimeno, is the valley to the south of Arezzo province and represents for the tourist ideal for excursions in search of Etruscan. It was inhabited for several centuries by the Etruscans, who left the extraordinary testimony in the city of Cortona.

For the tourist passionate archeology, an obligatory stop is the town of Castiglione Fiorentino, where the Museo Civico Archeologico collects Etruscan artefacts from recent excavations in the Cassero.

Medieval villages like Castiglione Fiorentino, Civitella in Val di Chiana, Cortona guard, in churches and museums, masterpieces of art such as the extraordinary Annunciation of Fra Angelico visited the Diocesan Museum in Cortona.

A village unique is Lucignano, the characteristic plant elliptical, with streets and alleys that meet on the summit of the village opposite the church more important: the Collegiate characterized by a circular churchyard. Another town of particular interest is Forano della Chiana, with its Renaissance buildings, houses one of the oldest Carnevali d'Italia.

Great artists were born in villages of Valdichiana: Luca Signorelli in Cortona, Pietro Berrettini said Pietro da Cortona and Gino Severini. Monte San Savino, from the elegant Renaissance architecture, gave birth to a great sculptor of the Renaissance: Andrea Sansovino Cantucci said.

Cortona hosts one of Dating most important antiques: Cortonantiquaria. There is no lack certain events related to the bedroom: tourists can find in the kitchen of these places dishes from cereals like farro soup, meat, and in particular the "Chianina."

The Valdichiana is also an excellent area for the production of red DOC wines and extra virgin olive oil.