Bosco di Montalto

To visit this beautiful place, the visitor must go on the road from the Poggio Calbane leads to Passo di Viamaggio, a few miles from Pieve S. Stefano. The Forest Montaldo is on a major clearly visible from all the provincial road, with its dense forest cover and SCRUB grazed meadows that surround it.

Once arrived at the place, tourists can easily see the slope covered with thick woods that give it considerable natural interest. Most of the forest is dominated by beech, hornbeam maple and black opal. The woodpecker and green woodpecker red are the largest species of fauna characteristics of the reserve.

Suggested itineraries for tourists

Trail on the ridge of Montalto
Given the particular value of the forest and the fragility of the ecosystem, the visit to the Reserve is permitted only with the Official Guide of Nature Reserves, with staff supervision or authorized personnel. To visit in advance should contact the Guide, the Province of Arezzo or Comunit? Montana.

Useful information for tourists

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Community Montana Valtiberina Tuscany - Uff. Demanio
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