Museo Casa Vasari

The house of Giorgio Vasari

From the church of San Domenico, you can follow the signs to the house of Giorgio Vasari, located in Via XX Settembre at number 55.

The house was designed by Vasari himself, sculptor-architect-painter, born in Arezzo in 1511. His biggest contribution to culture is due to "Vite de 'most excellent architects, sculptors and painters", an attempt to frame the work of artists in their social context. Vasari was his imagination and his artistic hands to beautify your home: frescoed much of his home with portraits and figures of mythology, going to achieve internal settlement among the most curious and unusual in Tuscany.

Among the portraits depicted on the walls, tourists can admire the wife portrayed as the muse of conjugal love, visible in "Apollo chamber", while in the "Room of the celebrities you can see portraits of Michelangelo Andrea del Sarto.

The rest of the house is frescoed with paintings by layer, but contribute to the magnificence and particularities of Vasari's house.