Parks and nature at Arezzo

The Wood Sarge

This beautiful forest extends within the walls of the Convent of Sarge, in the town of Arezzo. Tourists can make small and pleasant excursions in this paradise preserved perfectly. In the dark hours are visible raptors such as barbagianni night, the owl el'allocco, very common in these places.

The Park of Lignano

This is a natural park on Mount Lignano south of Arezzo. E 'recommended for the more adventurous tourists.

Nature Reserve Ponte Buriano

This is a reserve that covers around 665 hectares between the towns of Arezzo, Civitella in Val di Chiana and Laterina. The territory is characterized by a change in forest vegetation composed predominantly of oak, Lecce and cultivated areas. Birdwatching enthusiasts will be able sighting of water birds like cormorants, osprey and the many others who have found this subject in their natural habitat.

To reach the Nature Reserve Ponte Buriano

E 'idea to go to reserve Buriano Bridge, site of the Visitor Center.

  • From Arezzo it comes easily, taking the SP 1 "Setteponti" direction Castiglion Fibocchi.
  • From Florence, through the SR 69 and turning to Laterina Castiglion Fibocchi and from there towards Arezzo.
  • Alternatively, you can also enter the reserve from Rondine, Penna, Monte Above Rondine and Pieve a Maiano, location with parking.

Those who prefer to reach the Nature Reserve by public transport can take advantage of the urban lines Aretine ATAM (stops at Ponte Buriano, Pieve a Maiano, and Monte Indicator Up Rondine) or lines outside the company and Lazzi Fabbri, linking Arezzo in Montevarchi moving from SP 1 "Setteponti" (via Castiglion Fibocchi-Laterina), using the stop at Ponte Buriano. The lines of public transport instead SITA connect with Arezzo Florence along the SR 69 and stops at Pieve a Maiano and indicator.