Alpe della Luna

The Nature Reserve stretches along the central mountain ridge dell'Alpe of the Moon, between the slopes of Monte dei Frati and Monte Maggiore. Given the almost total absence of the entire area was preserved over time, and allows the tourist to feel the smells of nature. Around the Reserve dominate most of the beech and mixed hardwood forests, which are characterized by the incredible wealth of rarities used.

In the undergrowth are numerous species distribution localized as thrush Convallaria majalis, arisaro Codato Arisarum proboscideum, Ophioglossum vulgatum, Ranunculus platanifolius, Pyrola minor.

Tourists who decide to visit these places, can easily run into major wild animals, such as Mustela putorius skunk and wolf Canis lupus. The particularity of territory and its high biodiversity, allow tourists lover of discovery is birdwatchers the many species breeding as: Accipiter gentilis goshawk, sparrowhawk Accipiter nisus, lodolaio Falco subbuteo, green woodpecker Picus viridis, more red picchio Picoides major, minor red woodpecker Picoides minor

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