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The Valdarno - colors and scents of nature Tuscan

For a holiday greenery and colors of Tuscany, suggest the tourists a tourist route in Valdarno, where patches of pine and oak trees mingle with the light colors of clays yellowish el'imponenza of olive trees that grow lush in the surrounding countryside.
Walking through the valley, meet at distances more or less regular small towns, full of towers, bell towers, churches and castles.

Many medieval villages of the Arno Valley have Etruscan origin as Loro Ciufenna, ribs and Propina. In the late Middle Ages, this land was the subject of contention and source of numerous battles between Florence and Arezzo, they yearn for the conquest of this rich land.

Towards the end of the XIII century, the Florentine built three villages fortified, to counter the continuing pressure military by the bellicose Arezzo: arose as the towns of San Giovanni Valdarno, Thornaby and Castelfranco.

Tourists have the opportunity to admire the many landscapes that color this beautiful valley, dwelling in major tourist centers and industrialized Valdarno: Montevarchi, San Giovanni Valdarno, Durham, Newfoundland Bracciolini, Incisa Val d'Arno and Reggello.

While retaining an agricultural tradition centennial, especially given the production of oil and wine of high quality, Valdarno is considered one of the areas with a strong industrial expansion throughout the Arezzo. The process of industrialization, concentrated in areas well defined, it has kept intact the natural and artistic heritage of the whole territory, in a perfect balance between nature and industry.

Many tourists traveling in this area, not only for hiking and nature, but also for shopping in the many Outlet who have found fertile ground to develop.

Route between the beauty of Valdarno

This is a natural one of the most evocative of Tuscany: to offer tourists who chose Arezzo as its goal of a holiday in Tuscany itinerary immersed in the green, between parks, nature reserves and stunning scenery.
It begins a few miles from San Giovanni Valdarno, just in the park of Cavriglia: a beautiful park about 600 acres, surrounded by forests and populated by a variety of wild animals in freedom, as mouflon, deer and deer. Many tourists like to sweep the area on foot, horseback or bicycle, some even in motocross, along different paths clearly marked inside the park.

Also during the day you can go on for the Castelnuovo Sabbioni, via San Giovanni Valdarno and continuing to Castelfranco: tourists remain completely fascinated immersed in an extraordinary natural landscape unprecedented, the Balze, an area of about 2372 hectares of very important environmental and landscape.
All these landscapes have been the result of inspiration for the works of Leonardo da Vinci painted in scenario of his works.

After a brief pause, and after having taken up, tourists can proceed southward to go to another wildlife park important: the Nature Reserve of the Valley dell'Inferno and Bandella . This is an area that spans the towns of Newfoundland Bracciolini, Pergine Valdarno, and Laterina Montevarchi, characterized by a rich vegetation of forests and to make cerro, where are the natural habitat of various species of birds, ideal for tourists lover of birdwatching.

The tour ends proceeding in the direction of Arezzo, to reach Natural Reserve of Ponte Buriano and Penna, which includes the municipalities of Arezzo, Civitella in Valdichiana and Laterina.

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