A. C. Arezzo

The Football Association Arezzo was born September 10 1923 with the name of "Juventus Arezzo Foot Ball Club", founded by a group of lovers of football and in particular Juventus of Turin. Over the years there are results and soon comes the U. S. Arezzo, which militer? in the second and third division until its dissolution in 1933-34. In the fascist period the team was christened Littoria and after reorganization Italian league soccer, is called to contest the championship series C.

After the war fighting team will again have the old name in the U.S. and Arezzo championship series C in 1947-48 and can stravincono the group N, but failed in the qualification series B because of that blocked reform football promotions in B.

The years to follow are less fortunate from the point of view, is found in el'Arezzo a severe economic crisis that forced the team to promotion back in 1953. But only 5 years after the Arezzo is the first promotion in series C in 1967-66 and the new chairman Simeon Goliath flanked by Mario Lebole all'Arezzo gives the series B where militate for a year and then go back. But not from Arezzo 'to win, the forces found and returned to Serie B with great joy the public, ever more numerous. Measuring the best years and Arezzo is the increasing consensus and the best placements leading to even qualify 7th, thanks mainly to a large Francesco Graziani, who dragged the team to the sound of goal.

From here onwards will be a salt-downs continued until 1987-88, when the Arezzo is found by a team of capable military in series A, but incredibly sinks in C1, mainly thanks choice between presidencies not gave the right balance in society. In the following years, despite all efforts and purchases of players as good Briaschi, Zoppis, Strukely, Tovalieri and year, the U.S. Arezzo fails to regain the Serie B.

Last season the U.S. Arezzo was disputed in 1992-93, when for financial reasons and management decided the company failed, leaving in shock the whole Swiss amaranth.
In nearby Montevarchi, the news of the disappearance of opponents acerrimi the U.S. Arezzo is received differently: rossoblu organize supporters and a small party with a mini carousel of cars and champagne generously distributed by Ultr? met at the stage Brilli Peri. Circulating the news, which became unfounded, a mesh amaranth on the flames.

The birth of the Arezzo and the return to professional

Three years later back to limelight Ciccio Graziani, who with other members managed to found the new club: Associazione Calcio Arezzo, managed to enter the National Amateur Championship and as an unknown coach Serse Cosmi, who thanks to his talents could bring incredible results at Arezzo. The team stravince his round in C2, in 1997-98 won the play-off and return to C1. The 2002-03 season is the year in which the series finds Arezzo B, then managing to save in two successive seasons, with great effort.

In the 2005-06 season Arezzo, past under the leadership of Elio Gustinetti and guided by the goal of Antonio Floro Flores, earns soon math salvation (objective) and successfully concluded the championship in seventh place, lacking only for the goal difference access to the play-off. Unfortunately the following year is the year of Calciopoli, and the company dell'Arezzo was involved in the scandal, supplying 9 points penalty on the championship, but fortunately the stay in Serie B, but won nothing appeals to the TAR to reduce the penalty (which was however reduced to 6 points), commitments Team and the desire to do it.

Unfortunately relegation to C1 is now certain what the 2007 season ends with a sad back in the league below. Now the military in AC Arezzo Poule B of the championship series C1 led dall'allenatore Stefano Cuoghi.