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Holidays in Arezzo

If you plan to place an original and rich in medieval history, Arezzo is the ideal place to spend your holidays in Tuscany. The wonders artistic, historical and cultural are more highly concentrated in the city, in the Cathedral and Fortress Medicea . Piazza Grande, situated in the center of the city, brings together many architectural styles: the tall medieval towers, the Loggiato Vasari, the fraternity Palace of the Laity, a typical example of Gothic Renaissance architecture.
Tourists will be fascinated by beautiful works of art that adorn the city, churches and monuments.

Piazza San Francesco, Arezzo The culture of Arezzo is also concentrated in museums , Which offer tourists the chance to admire a great variety of goods of priceless artistic value, which are to emphasize the great importance that artistic Arezzo had in past historical eras.
The town of Arezzo is surrounded by territory that, as a whole, contributes to the wealth of heritage, making a wide area of great importance and interest as the landscape National Park Casentinesi.

Inside the park are to highlight two jewels absolutely can not miss, the Holy Monastery and the Monastery of Camaldoli the first hosts those monks who have focused on the personal recollection while the monastery is characterized by community life.

A valid alternative to the usual holiday is the experience of staying at the monastery to spend some 'time in a spiritual dimension. The monks are dedicated to offering a host of community life to the guests who share common areas such as the refectory and the guest to enjoy the typical drinks produced by the monks themselves with the fruits of nature, such as teas and the digestive herbs of the woods.

Holiday Aretine with their checkerboard fields have inspired the screenplay for many films, curious and fun it can be the proposed routes film in search of those places that have done art by many famous films.

For an ideal holiday in the countryside of Arezzo, choose one of the many farmhouses Arezzo land. You'll find an 'oasis of tranquility and comfort in a sea of green. Or, if you prefer the convenience of a hotel or a Bed and Breakfast you can choose one of the other tourist facility near the historic city of Arezzo.

In an environment rich in cultural traditions, historical and artistic works is offered to visitors to the proposal of the nature live in facilities typical of those corners of Tuscany. It is present in ancient stone houses carefully restored and furnished with rustic furniture, with fireplace and great tavern, farms RURAL and to address natural immersed in the woods and pastures where they live in their natural state deer, mouflon, deer and horses.

The green and quiet environment, the presence of animals and the landscape of rare beauty and great charm will make you appreciate the pleasure of an exclusive holiday.

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