Holidays in Arezzo

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Holidays in Arezzo

Centro Storico di Arezzo For tourists who decide to spend their holidays in Arezzo, we thought of creating a portal where you will find news and information to spend an unforgettable stay.

To know the multifaceted face of the area around Arezzo you must immerse yourself in the pristine nature of the over six hundred kilometers of trails, walking paths and bike routes that cross the four areas of the province of Arezzo on: Casentino, the Valdarno, the Valtiberina and Valdichiana.

In an environment rich in cultural traditions, historical and artistic works are offered to tourists the opportunity to experience nature in hotels, and residences typical of these beautiful corners of Tuscany.

Art History and Culture

Information about history of Arezzo, a journey in art in the churches of Arezzo and the Dome of Arezzo , The S. Maria and St. Francis . Tips on Museums of Arezzo The Casa di Giorgio Vasari and the Medici fortress .

Arezzo and its surroundings, tours and excursions in Tuscany

Your holiday in Arezzo , Sansepolcro, Cortona , Monterchi. Booked at the best hotels and organize your holiday in Casentino , In Valdarno , Valdichiana and Valtiberina . We prepared for tourists on holiday in Arezzo the best tourist routes: San Giovanni Valdarno and Cortona , The colors of Valdarno, the Valdichiana and Setteponti.

Hospitality and relax

A list of the best Hotel , Bed and Breakfast, Bed & Breakfast and Camps. In most of the best restaurants Arezzo where you can taste the dishes of Tuscany .

Parks and Wildlife

Arezzo choose as their holiday destination also means hiking and nature are numerous routes in the Parks of Arezzo The National Park Casentino The Valley Inferno and Bandella , Upper Tiber Valley, the Sasso di Simone , Ponte Buriano and Penna, Bosco di Montalto , The Rognosa Mountains and the Alps of the moon.

Shopping and Dining

For the tourist who is on vacation in Arezzo, we have prepared a list of the best restaurants Arezzo, to taste the flavors of typical Tuscan dishes. Or tourists can Choose from the many ethnic restaurants present at Arezzo. To make shopping and buying cheap tourists can visit the many Outlet in Arezzo territory.

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